Point 198 Limit quantity of people in Household out of Agencies; apportionment out of family based on decennial census out-of Us


Point 198 Limit quantity of people in Household out of Agencies; apportionment out of family based on decennial census out-of Us

Part 199 Responsibility from Legislature to solve level of agencies and you may apportion all of them certainly counties after the per decennial census; for every county permitted one affiliate.

Section 200 Obligations away from Legislature to solve level of senators and you may split county toward senatorial districts; equality out of senatorial districts; senatorial districts not to ever become changed until 2nd apportioning class; division away from counties anywhere between senatorial dist

Area 204 Private possessions of value of just one thousand bucks exempt off business, execution or any other process of legal provided having distinctive line of obligations.

Part 205 Homestead maybe not exceeding eighty miles otherwise urban area, city otherwise community lot not exceeding a few thousand dollars within the well worth exempt off deals, delivery or other process of judge awarded having distinctive line of debt; exemption on mortgage loans.

Part 217 Possessions out-of individual firms, connectivity and people getting taxed during the exact same price; different about religious, instructional and you can charitable possessions.

Area 267 Alter off venue out of Alabama Polytechnic Institute, Alabama Universities on Deaf and you may Blind or Alabama Girls Industrial University

Area 229 Unique rules conferring corporate energies banned; general rules about give otherwise modification regarding corporate charters; corporation franchise fees to be repaid; different off benevolent, academic or religious companies out-of operation taxation.

Section 242 Whenever railroads and you may rivers deemed societal highways; railroad and you can tunnel people; common providers; legal rights out of railway enterprises generally.

Point 249 Debts or notes given since money redeemable inside gold otherwise gold; regulations not to sanction suspension from specie repayments.

Area 256 Obligations away from legislature to determine and keep public-school system; apportionment out of public-school financing; independent universities to own white and you will coloured college students.

Area 258 Assets contributed otherwise appropriated for informative intentions and you will properties from people passing away versus often otherwise heirs to-be put on repairs regarding societal schools.

Area 260 Particular money to be used on service and you will repairs off social colleges; special annual income tax for schools; restrict annual levy to the nonexempt possessions; concern for fee away from bonded indebtedness out of condition.

Section 284 Technique of proposing amendments; submitting off amendments so you’re able to electors; election on amendments; proclamation off result of election; base away from image into the legislature never to end up being altered because of the modification.

Area 286 Means of getting in touch with seminar to have intent behind switching otherwise amending Constitution; repeal out of act or quality getting in touch with discussion; legislation and strength out of seminar not limited.

Section 287 Ballots by legislature to your advised amendments otherwise debts or resolutions getting in touch with conventions; serves or resolutions suggesting amendments otherwise getting in touch with conventions never to be published to governor getting recognition.

Modification 39 Some time Place of Group meetings from Legislature; Biennial Sessions; Business Lessons; Election off Chairman Specialist Tempore off Senate and you can Speaker regarding House from Agencies; Restriction Length of Instructions; Settlement and Travelling Allowances away from Myself

Modification 52 Special Taxation to possess Informative Motives in Urban centers off Decatur and you can Cullman as well as for Healthcare Motives in the Morgan State.

Section 245 Railroad arvokas hyperlinkki organizations never to provide rebates otherwise incentives from inside the character thereof; deceiving otherwise mistaken personal regarding cost

Modification 57 Time and Place of Meetings from Legislature; Biennial Training; Business Classes; Election from President Specialist Tempore off Senate and you may Presenter of Home out-of Agencies; Maximum Amount of Lessons; Payment and you will Travelling Allowances out of Me

Amendment 113 Bond Matter having Strengthening Design and you can Upgrade Aim on Alabama State Hospitals and you may Partlow Condition College or university having Intellectual Deficients.

Amendment 144 Rules Changing Type of Authorities out of Colbert County otherwise Municipalities Therein or Changing Identity of Office, Settlement, Allowances, etcetera., from Officers Thereof.

Amendment 166 Unique Assets Taxation to own Getting, etcetera., Vocational Change College or university as well as for Outlying and Commercial Growth in Chilton Condition.