The Expanse: Season 2 Got Game of Thrones-Levels of Intense in Home


Wil Wheaton, Patton Oswalt and George RR Martin were just some of the celebrities who campaigned for The Expanse’s return, not to mention all of the extensive fan campaigns too. She synthesises a cure, and the effects are reversed. In time, the waters recede enough for the survivors to leave the structure. It’s a fear shared by UN Secretary General Chrisjen Avarasala , who wants everyone to stay put. The UN’s stance is backed by the Martian Congressional Republic and many of the Belters. The balance of peace and power in the Sol system is precarious, and a mass exodus could destabilise human civilisation.

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  • He initially despised Holden, but had a deep connection with Naomi Nagata.

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It’s not as good as some of the other, earlier novels. I guess there’s access to anti-aging drugs, because except for a rueful thought and allusions to graying hair here and there, most of the characters established in the series are still doing pretty good. If you’ve never read the books written by James S.A. Corey upon which “The Expanse” is based, then Episode 5 of the second season more than likely came as a massive shock. As a show adapted from a popular book series with serious genre roots, “The Expanse” has elicited comparisons to “Game of Thrones” before. But the series reached Red Wedding-levels of surprise with “Home,” in which Miller bonds with the protomolecule-infected Julie Mao to prevent the Eros station from crashing into Earth. In the Ring Space, we see two of the 1,372 ring gates emitting radiation which falls onto the central station. Having read up on this, since it doesn’t crop up in the action in any episode, one of these gates may be the Tecoma Ring (the other…no idea…but it’s 180 degrees on the other side of the central station).

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That said, she went immediately from fixing the ship to insisting that panicked people could be reasoned with and they had to save as many as they could. The whole scene of her and the Ganymede refugees organizing themselves in an orderly fashion had me in tears. This show is good about getting me to cry with moments of simple human decency in the face of extreme circumstances.

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Erich, in turn, gave him the fake identity of Amos Burton as long as he promised to never return to Earth. Erich and Timothy were childhood friends both under the care of Lydia after their birth mothers had died. Upon arriving at Pallas Station, Naomi meets up with her old Belter friends, Cyn and Karal where she tells them she is there to see her son, Filip.

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